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  • Opening Time : 9:30am-3:30pm
  • Address : Bhawarna(Himachal Pradesh)

A Word from the Principal

Education empowers and transforms life, believes that education as a lifelong process fundamentally concerns itself with creating informed and questioning citizens: inculcation and nurturing of certain substantive human values such as equality, equity, mutual tolerance and co-operation; and appreciation of diversities of existence; besides of course, the development of socially necessary skills. Progress and prosperity of our nature depend on howdo we position ourselves, particularly our young generation.

This institution, with its pool of talented and committed faculty has been consistently engaged in the creation and sustenance of a solid base for a knowledge-driven society. Our principal objective is to produce achievers who can scale the height of academic excellence; imbibe and radiate modern outlook and orientation; develop profound compassion and sense of commitment towards their fellow human beings and other creatures; and be the torch-bearers of human values and cultural traditions of Indian civilization and yet be compatible with the global values to be able to seize the opportunities and face the challenges thrown up by the forces of globalization

Now it’s a time to share a heart touching note "consult not your tears but your hopes and dreams. Concern yourself not with you tried and failed in, but with what it is still possible for you to do".

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